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TÖMER (Turkish Language Teaching Application and Research Center), which serves within Ibn Haldun University School of Languages, teaches Turkish both to international students studying at our university and to trainees from outside the university who want to study Turkish. In addition to gaining academic writing and speaking competence in Turkish lessons, our students improve their Turkish by socializing in the activities we organize.




Shall we make learning Turkish more fun together?


As Ibn Haldun University TÖMER, our students can get to know Turkey and Turkish culture more closely and improve their Turkish speaking skills with the social activities we organize in addition to our Turkish lessons. In this way, they reinforce what they learn in the lessons with practice. 


Writing Workshops

By participating in writing workshops, students develop their ability to express themselves in Turkish through formal and informal correspondence practices. 


You can examine the activity examples from the links below. 


A1 Level Writing Workshop: https://tomer.ihu.edu.tr/tr/a1-seviyesi-yazma-atolyesi  


Letter Writing Workshop: https://tomer.ihu.edu.tr/tr/mektup-yazma-atolyesi-62679f321c8df  


Workshop on Creative Writing Practices in Teaching Turkish to Foreigners: https://tomer.ihu.edu.tr/tr/yabancilara-turkce-ogretiminde-yaratici-yazma-uygulamalari-atolyesi


Art Workshops 

Art workshops help students to express themselves in different ways and develop their social skills.


You can examine the activity examples from the links below. 


Creative Drama Applications in Teaching Turkish to Foreigners Workshop: https://tomer.ihu.edu.tr/tr/yabancilara-turkce-ogretiminde-yaratici-drama-uygulamalari-atolyesi 


Ney Presentation and Recital: https://tomer.ihu.edu.tr/tr/ney-enstruman-tanitimi-ve-dinletisi 

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/p/C3ZcScJCj0H/?hl=tr 


Trip Organization 

With our excursion programs, our students develop their speaking and listening skills while walking through the historical streets of Istanbul with a guide. 


You can check the activity examples from the links below. 


Let's Get to Know Istanbul Step by Step:


Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/p/C1FgSdIidi9/?hl=tr 


Culture Promotion Events 

Culture promotion events offer students the opportunity to get to know the rich Turkish culture alongside their Turkish language education. As IHU TOMER, we introduce a region from Türkiye to our students in each module as part of the Türkiye Günleri (Turkey Days) event series.


You can examine the event examples from the links below. 


Türkiye Günleri I - Black Sea Event:


Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/p/C3pQvvNi7FH/?hl=tr 


End-of-Module Activities

End-of-module events are events where students come together to share their experiences and celebrate their achievements. In addition to artistic activities such as poetry recitals and theatre performances, these events also include food from various cultures, where students socialize with each other and have the opportunity to use their Turkish more actively. 


You can check the activity examples from the links below. 


IHU TÖMER 2nd Module End Event:


Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/p/C17AtpbiiI2/?hl=tr 

Movie Screenings

Movie watching activities improve students' listening and speaking skills by selecting movies for their Turkish level. In addition, it offers the opportunity to get to know Turkish cinema and Turkish culture. 


You can examine the activity examples from the links below. 


Turkish Cinema Day for TÖMER Students:


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